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Summer Camp Questions & Answers

Our mission is to inspire young people to be excited about math, science, technology, and engineering. The camp engages students in mentor-based experiments and hands-on projects that inspire innovation and foster an environment where learning is fun and engaging and anyone can be successful. The skills learned in just one week are only the "FIRSTEP" towards their bright and successful future.

Are there prerequisites for any of the sessions? 
Absolutely not! We designed the camp so that a student could sign up for any week and still feel comfortable with the material. 

Do students have to go to a particular school/live in a particular area?
Absolutely not! FIRSTEP is open to different ages and grade levels no matter if they attend a public, private, or home school. We are aware that not every school has the capabilities of offering Engineering and Technology courses, especially at the elementary and middle school level. That is why we feel it is our privilege to offer to all students an opportunity of a lifetime to expose them to the fun side of engineering, the hands on part.

Are lunch and snacks provided?
We do not provide lunch during the camp, but students will have time between activities to eat snacks or lunch. The facilities have a refrigerator and drinking fountains for students to use.

Where are you located?
This year's summer camp will be located at Sidener Academy. 
2424 Kessler Boulevard East Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46220 

How can I register?
You can instantly reserve a spot for our camp on our Registration page. Please sign up fast, spots fill up quickly!